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Health vision is grassroots based, with small cottage hospitals and mobile units, communicating with the ultimate apex hospital.

Altruistic thoughts of just a few doctors started our volunteer program. Health professionals from India, UK and around the world are joining in, helping in medical camps and also providing 'virtual bank' of professionals. But 'real' help that made a direct difference to rural Himalayan health, came from our long term volunteers from UK who joined in a remote hospital in North Indian state of Uttarakhand. They became the first resident lady doctors for over two decades. Medical student volunteers have helped set up the student elective program.

Our team has initiated new standards in the practice of medicine - evidence based medicine, protocols for remote health care, research and education initiatives. Village outreach programs for antenatal care, anaemia, maternal and child health.

Health Objectives:

  • Access community health needs and support primary health services.
  • Provide resident primary care and specialist care through visiting medics and medical camps.
  • Create an international pool of volunteer health professionals to provide services in remote areas.
  • Conduct workshops to train health workers and encourage action research.
  • Provide curative and preventive health education in the form of talks, meetings, leaflets and electronic media.
  • Provide mobile and fixed health units, quipped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Specific Health Activities:

  • Curative health services.
  • Preventive health checks.
  • Specialist health camps.
  • Mobile health services.
  • Training and education for health care workers.


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