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'Chikitsak' HEALER "Volunteer Program"

We welcome 'Chikitsaks' (Healers) in the broadest sense of the word. You may be an artist, a professional in any field, teacher or student, young or old � you can use your expertise and compassion to help make a difference.

Our volunteer doctors are helping health agencies run hospitals, clinics and train local health workers in remote and rural areas of Himalayas. Special work is being done in women's and children's health and lady doctors are always needed.

Volunteers are teaching school kids language and science-based skills. Some are designing environmental projects, while others are providing life skills, from bicycle repair to becoming an eco-guide and helping the environmental campaign.

Volunteer your skills, real or virtual, as 'Chikitsak' - healer, medical professionals are always needs Contribute with your thought and action in program building, organising, project writing, web, media, logistics or any other way you can help

Fundraise for Chintan or any of its specific projects.
Unselfishness is more paying, only people have not the patience to practise it ~ Swami Vivekanand


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