RAHAT - Relief Access & Habilitation with Appropriate Training


In June 2013, a multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. Though parts of many states in India, and adjoining regions also experienced heavy rainfall, over 95% of the casualties occurred in Uttarakhand. As of 16 July 2013, according to official figures, more than 5,700 people were "presumed dead." Destruction of bridges and roads left about thousands trapped in the valleys. The Indian Air Force, Army, and paramilitary troops evacuated more than 100,000 people from the flood ravaged area.

Landslides caused by the floods damaged several houses and structures, killing those who were trapped. Due to heavy rains, large flashfloods and massive landslides entire villages, settlements and market towns have been obliterated. Some other market towns suffered heavy damages and loss of lives. Thousands of people were stuck in various regions because of damaged or blocked roads. National Highway 58, an important artery connecting the region was also washed away in many places.

For days, stranded people were without rations or survived on little food. The roads were seriously damaged at more than 450 places and the floods caused many cars and other vehicles to be washed away. Bodies of people washed away in Uttarakhand were found in distant places like Bijnor, Allahabad and Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh.


Food, Shelter, Clothing URGENTLY REQUIRED: Food items & Milk for children, Utensils for cooking, Stoves, Kerosene, First aid and Medicines, Shelter items: Tents, Tarapaulins, Canvas sheets, Shelter support items, Plastic mats, Blankets, Solar lanterns, Water purifiers, Torches, Candles and Matchboxes, Hygiene & sanitation.


"RAHAT" is CHINTAN INTERNATIONAL TRUST's 'Relief Access & Habilitation with Appropriate Training' Program to provide relief and help empower local communities to rebuild lives in a sustainable and self-reliant way.

"RAHAT" literally meaning relief, is Chintan International Trust’s disaster mitigation program. We operate from our base in Kumaon Himalaya & are currently focusing on most needy village Umargada, Mankot & also helping in 13 ‘toks’ & villages in the Bangapani area of Munsiyari block in the Pitthoragarh district. We hope to help in other areas of Dharchula block & certain projects in Garhwal, if funds can be raised & resources permit. We ARE focusing on disaster mitigation through an integrated training including survival & security, health & hygiene, MNREGA & people’s rights, rope bridges & path building as required. This program is to develop into a regular ongoing activity including training, teaching, preparation to respond quickly to any mountain challenge (‘Mukteshwar Mountain Rescue’).


Bangapani: focus area in the Gori river valley where we are working with the MOST AFFECTED & trying to reach the MOST UNREACHED... Isolated due to roads washed away at multiple points, relief by helicopter difficult, access for surrounding villages is non-existent due to all access routes affected

UMARGADA: Entire population displaced. Families struggling under improvised tents, 50% of fertile cultivated agricultural land gone, no food and seed stock left, all families below poverty line (BPL) & needy.

MANKOT: Most isolated, cut off due to loss of Gharari (wire trolley) & suspension bridge, paths broken and fields washed away with houses in “danger” zone, long walks to access relief (upto 18 kms one way!)

GHARUDI/JHOLA: Reports of their isolation, difficult access to relief, are reaching us with requests for help. We plan to get first hand information & act there & in other needy villages, depending on resources.


  • Self sufficiency based on local knowledge & resources
  • Support with a long term commitment


... is on helping rebuild the shattered lives of the completely displaced people of Umargada village, completely cut off village of Mankot, improving access and extending support to other needy villages as our resources increase.

  • SHORT TERM (Phase 1)   :  Food, Shelter, Clothing, Identify Needy & Vulnerable, Ensure Access, Health & Nutrition, Hygiene & Sanitation, Education, Mitigation & MNERGA training

  • MEDIUM TERM (Phase 2) :  Awareness generation & capacity building - health, food & nutrition security, education, agriculture, livestock, livelihood, wintering training

  • LONG TERM (Phase 3)     :  Rehabilitation - Land & Livlihood, Helping build for a living fit for the future by participating in the community rebuilding effort

    • Disaster Mitigation & Preparedness
    • Health & Hygiene
    • Food & Nutrition Security
    • Energy, Housing & Livelihood Sustainability


  • We directly work in affected areas

  • We are not a ‘relief drop’ agency but follow-up short, medium & long term work

  • We are based in Himalaya & will verify the appropriate use of all donations



URGENTLY REQUIRED: Tents, Tarpaulins, Solar Lanterns & Cookers, Water Purifiers, Hygiene & Sanitation items. Funds also required for transportation (vehicle, Mules, Porters) & building a sustainable long term program.

We need help of all sorts, from tents to solar gear, 4x4 vehicles to horses & mules, logistics & fund raising. We are working to provide sustainable long term help for the affected communities, so raising funds for the ‘RAHAT’ Appeal also needs to be sustained.


INR 500/GBP 6/USD 10 Pays a ‘RAHAT’ community support worker’s honorarium for one day
INR 5000/GBP 60/USD 100 Pays mule & portering costs for a remote ‘RAHAT’ camp or solar lamp & cooker
INR 15000/GBP 180/USD 300 Pays passenger vehicle transport for one trip or pays for one quality tent
INR 50000/GBP 600/USD 1000 Runs ‘RAHAT’ program for a month or pays truck transport costs for two trips
INR 500000/GBP 6000/USD 10000 Runs ‘RAHAT’ camp clinics for a year or buys one general sturdy team vehicle
INR 5000000/GBP 60000/USD 100000 Builds a purpose designed sustainable ‘RAHAT’ Program, training & ready to respond from our Himalayan Base


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