Vasundhra' means the earth as one's own family.

Vasundhra a web based network, an international 'Virtual Hospital'

Vasundhra is a project inspired by technology. Combining altruistic thoughts of many doctors and other health professionals around the world, into a 'virtual hospital', this would provide 'virtual' and 'real' help particularly to rural and remote hospitals in India and other developing countries.

There would be website information and consultations. All specialties and departments would be provided. There would be a 'rota' visits/camps on a regular basis. There would be a network with health professionals already engaged in such work in all parts of India. Disaster teams would train and be in readiness. Pilot has started with a small group of doctors supporting a rural Himalayan Hospital.

We have started working on our concept of virtual hospital, which in effect will be using the modern day technology and connect the local health professionals to specialist medical health volunteers around the world. The history, current diagnosis and investigation of patients can be discussed in real time with Specialists in Britain or anywhere else in the world. We have already demonstrated through the use of technology (using broadband, laptops, high-resolution screens and video-conferencing) that the remote rural areas can practically be linked up to the advanced urban health facilities. Our goal is to establish a London based international virtual hospital linking the remote and rural general practitioners to the best health specialists around the world. This will support existing medical professionals and would encourage more health professionals to be part of the virtual network and offer their services for rural remote areas.

'...the methods and approach of science have revolutionized human life more than anything else in the long course of history...' ~ Jawarlal Nehru