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Education particularly science based, integrated with the environment, and using modern technology.

The education component encourages educational programs and information sharing that incorporate science based learning with relevant life skills.

Education objectives:

  • Educational sessions at schools on health and science-based learning.
  • Volunteer visits to schools to popularize the understanding and practical application of science.
  • Provide teachers with practical ideas to make education more interesting by using educational aids, models and electronic material.
  • Organise quizzes, nature talks, other play and learn activities at schools.
  • Deliver talks and seminars at local and regional level helping, helping aspiring students to enquire about particular career options and provide guidance.
  • Encourage youth to learn practical skills and languages which will help sustain their livelihood.

Specific Education Activities:

  • Science based learning.
  • Talent identification and promotion.
  • Life skills training.
  • Livelihood and income generation.
  • Promoting enrolment for education.
  • Community radio programmes.


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