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Environment is a concern as integral to all sustainable development. Our focus is on preserving and restoring bio-diversity of the Himalayan Region.

Chintan took initiative to get a local group going, with support ranging from the temple priest to the head of the government campus, police station in-charge, village head, some local shop owners and hoteliers.

An awareness show was held in the main market of the area. Scientists raised awareness with fact and children through drama song and dance! Children were models for a fashion show of bags. Prizes were given in the fashion show for locally made cloth and jute bags. First prize went to a recycled jute bag, beautifully embroidered with wool. Local hero prize was awarded to the local police station in charge for his personal work in cleaning the area of plastic bags.

Environment objectives:

  • Provide information and ideas to the community on environmental issues, through volunteer experts in the fields of soil, agriculture, veterinary and forestry.
  • Raise awareness about social benefits of sustainable development, bio-diversity and environmental protection.
  • Help generate livelihood by promoting native plant nurseries, animal genetic diversity farms and eco-tourism.
  • Help form local action groups to educate people about the menace of non bio-degradable waste and develop effective solid waste management.
  • Use modern technology to combine native wisdom with scientific knowledge and to promote local heritage and indigenous knowledge.

Specific Environment Activities:

  • Bio-diversity Preservation and Restoration.
  • Environmental Awareness.
  • Eco-tourism Training.
  • Ecological Research and Consultation.
  • Ecological Livelihood Promotion.


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